Shoot and it’s Making: Learn The Behind The Scenes of a Photography Shoot

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Shoot and it’s Making: Learn The Behind The Scenes of a Photography Shoot

When you see the final product in the form of a photograph, you see the end picture and nothing more. You might appreciate it, criticise it, tell the photographer, “it could have been much better”. You could be right, you could be wrong. But today, we’re telling you what goes in the making of “that” picture. And we’re sharing this not because we don’t want you the
criticise the next image that you see but instead to enhance your perception and understand the hard work that goes into the making of a single picture.

To begin with, when a requirement arises, the first and foremost thing that any Photographer takes or must take into consideration is the brief. Once your brief with the client is clear and you have derived to the point where you know what exactly your client wants and needs, things become easier to implement.

After you have a crisp brief in place, it’s time to move towards getting visual representations in place which help your client understand what the final outcome would look like. For this head to Instagram, look at the relevant images and check for the best posts. Not just that, you could also check out Pinterest and other platforms and most importantly, your work in
the past as a photographer. Use images of the elements that you’ll be using and you have your mood board ready.

Once your mood board is brought in place, it becomes much easier to sort out numerous things. Knowing the mood of the images and the expected outcome makes it much easier for you as well as your client. As a photographer, you can use various styles of mood boards to simply convey your vision of the shoot to your client. After this, you move towards execution.

The most important factor is to source the right kind of place for the shoot. In addition to this, it is also important that you get the right kind of stylist, make-up artist for the shoot. Even the smallest of the things can help you in enhancing the frame that you are capturing them into.

During the day of the shoot, it is important that you have checked the timings of sunrise and sunset at least 48 hours in advance. And once you engage in shoots, you have to make sure you set the mood right. If it’s a pre-wedding shoot, use romantic music that makes them feel like they’re a part of a film shoot. Take breaks between shots, and make sure that these
breaks are not just about changing attires,etc. It should also be for you to interact with the client as well as your teammates. The more you guys have fun, the better would be the result!

At Ajinkya Jadhav Photography, it has always been our priority to give our clients an experience when it comes to wedding photography or pre-wedding photography. From sourcing the best of locations to help you in styling, gathering the best team, we take care of everything and involve you in the entire process. We make sure that on your day of the shoot, you feel like the stars that you are!

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