What Makes Ajinkya One of the Best Wedding Photographers in Pune?

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May 18, 2019
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August 1, 2019
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What Makes Ajinkya One of the Best Wedding Photographers in Pune?

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Wedding is the most valuable event of your life. So, let a professional photographer like Ajinkya Jadhav capture all the precious memories of your special day perfectly well. Ajinkya is one of the most experienced and highly-skilled wedding photographers in Pune who can perfectly capture all the priceless moments of your wedding day and manifest them through high-quality pictures that last a lifetime.

At Ajinkya Jadhav, we promise to offer much more than just going around and clicking the pictures. Our expertise lies in uniquely capturing all the emotions of the couple and their families in candid wedding pictures. With our unique style, we not only click pictures most beautifully but also capture every emotion and the soul of a subject. So, if you’re looking for professional wedding photographers in Pune for your forthcoming wedding, then Ajinkya Jadhav is the best choice for all your photography needs.

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Our passion lies in skilfully capturing the candid wedding moments and then keeping the memories alive and fresh in beautiful pictures as though they have been taken just yesterday! The non-intrusive approach of our candid photography enables our clients to enjoy the wedding event uninterruptedly and without getting disturbed by constant clicking.  That makes us the best candid photographer in Pune! We prefer to capture candid moments rather than staged photos so that we can deliver photographs of the event that capture pure and real emotions.

We also undertake Destination Wedding photography assignments far and wide. Our handpicked photographers can travel wherever you plan to go and celebrate your special day. They will perfectly document every special moment of your destination wedding and bring out the beauty and key aspects of the destination place in the wedding pictures.  So, for all wedding photography Pune demands, Ajinkya is the best!

We are a professional destination wedding photographer in Pune, who offers you the best deals in Pune and Mumbai area.

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