Most exciting development in photography few years back is the drone photography – high flying cameras that enable you to capture unique viewpoints of common subjects.

The results of Drone Photography can be out of this world.

From every type of photography, from wedding to real estate, we give you best results in drone photography or aerial photography services in Pune as well as all over Maharashtra.

Whether you are looking for real estate drone photography, wedding shoots using drone photography or any commercial drone photography services, Ajinkya Jadhav Photography is ultimate option for you.

Decoding The Secrets Of Drone Photography In India: How To Optimise Your Drone Drones are a part of the larger scientific programme known as, “UAV” which stands for Unmanned Ariel Vehicles. While the talks of developing such a vehicle can be traced to the 18th Century, the known form of Drone technology began in the year 1917 in Ohio, America. The inventor, Charles Kettering called his drone a “Bug” and from there, nearly a century later, the modern-day drone was designed which was famously launched and operated by a parrot through an app on a smartphone.

Thus began a saga of new-age photography, drone shots. Splendid angles which were once only possible by hiring an entire helicopter or a plane were now easily accessible to those in possession of a drone that could be successfully operated via an app. Through drone photography, we have been able to get some really amazing shots in wedding photography, industrial photography, landscape photography and many other sectors. But while amazing content is being created through drone photography, what are the other areas in which drone photography can be utilised?

The possibility of using drone photography is endless. For instance, if you are a photographer in Pune, take your drone to any of the forts around Pune and click all kinds of ariel videos and photos of the fort and see how majestic it turns out to be. In a similar manner, Drones can be used to take some fantastic shots of weddings that can capture the entire fiesta of the wedding. From capturing the barat being all lost in celebration to the decor of the venue, everything can be done through drone photography.

In addition to this, if you are a real estate photographer in Pune, drone photography can definitely give you an edge over your competitors. Fortunately for real estate photographers in Pune, there are various experiments that can be done since Pune Properties have a huge area that needs to be covered. Here, your drone photography, as well as videography, can help the builder’s customer base get an idea of the view they will be having from each floor. Furthermore, you can also take ariel views of the entire property.

If you are a lifestyle photographer, jewellery photographer or fashion photographer in Pune, don’t think that drones will not help you. Drones can actually open-up angles and shots for you that you would not have even imagined. From taking those surreal shots of outfits and jewellery to a video documenting everything from ariel views, you can use a drone wisely in these sectors of photography. And if you are a lifestyle photographer in Pune, your travel vlogs will be second to none in the field for sure.

To make sure that you are making the most of drone photography in Pune, make sure that you are selecting the best drones available. Currently in India, to fly a drone you need to, first of all, get a license and secondly, make sure that when you are using drones to shoot local places, you have permissions taken from the concerned authorities otherwise, your drone can be confiscated and released only after a heavy fine. Another thing to keep in mind while using drones in India is that, you must get only the best ones for your use. As of yet, the best onesavailable in the market are DJI Mavic 2 pro and DJI Inspire which are used at Ajinkya Jadhav Photography Studio in Pune.

At Ajinkya Jadhav Photography, we undertake all kinds of photography in Mumbai and Pune. Being one of the topmost recommended wedding photographers in Pune, we try our level best to incorporate the latest tech as well as trends in photography while shooting. We are also one of the proud users of Drones in wedding photography in Pune. Our expert team finds creative use of drone photography in fields of fashion photography, jewellery photography, real estate photography and other genres of photography. So come and experience the best photoshoots in Pune with Ajinkya Jadhav Photography

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